1. 1. behind my little home 2. my little home. 3. view from round tower 4. me having a (rare) candidly suave moment.

  2. So one morning for class I stalked the repairmen for my building. Our challenge was the photograph a stranger. I tagged along to his office and all around the buildings to document an hour of his workday. I was inspired to photograph him and his buddy due to a water outage in my building. “Yes, we’re the plumbers!” he insisted. But instead of working on that water shortage, he deemed fixing the mailbox a bit more urgent. I tell myself that they were waiting for plumber parts, but we may never know.

  3. Kasper | Winter in Copenhagen 2013

  4. We went to Norway for the weekend. In Bergen we learned that there are levels of wetness and levels of rain. It rained so hard the first day that in the subsequent days, misting air and light drizzles meant little to us. This has yet to be confirmed, but I firmly believe that Bergen has the highest umbrellas broken and wasted on the sidewalk per capita. Jeremy found four umbrellas. They were twisted and broken, but they were better than the flimsy ones we had already trashed. Even though it took my boots four days to dry, I loved it. 

  5. There’s no pumpkin puree in Denmark. I looked. So Chloe and I bought a 15 kr pumpkin, chopped this bad boy up, roasted it, and made some amaaaazing chocolate pumpkin bread. I would show you a photo of the bread, but it was consumed on sight. Take my word for it.

  6. Jeremy plays basketball for Copenhagen Business School. We found a court super close to my DRC that wasn’t being used. Finally the weather calmed down so we could bounce the ball enough to get it covered in mud. While I’m pretty terrible at basketball, it’s fun to just be moving around outside in an open space. Sometimes being cooped up in the city is sort of exhausting. So being 3 pointer rebounder was more fun than I thought! Since European basketball courts are a little different than American ones, we were adjusting to some new spacing. Some 12 year olds came over to play soccer on the other side of the court, and just to amp up Jeremy’s street cred, I started counting. He made his first shot, “83.” He made a second, “84!” and this went on and on until we tired at 87 and walked home. Obviously he was just too good for this neighborhood court. Or so we wanted the kids to think.

    The last photo is of one of Jeremy’s teammates at a game. This guy’s super funny and is really encouraging to his teammates. So yeah, this post is full of basketball boy pictures, but whatever. sometimes das my life ~ballislyf~~ but not really. :) 

  7. Christmas is coming in Copenhagen!

  8. chillest, coolest birthday party. for drake’s 22nd, we tried oscar bar for a few hours. I asked everyone what their favorite birthday party was. Mine is still my swan lake ballet themed party. 6 years old, baby.

  9. My friend who shares the same home university as me flew in for the weekend from England. She’s studying in Canterbury for a year! You can read about her witty travels here. Emily stayed an extra two days because her flight was cancelled. That huge crazy European storm you maybe read about on Yahoo happened while her plane was supposed to be flying. I’ve never been happier for terrible weather! We holed up in my room and ate breakfast and watched terrifying old thrillers.

    Before the storm though we were able to tour Copenhagen. You can see in the pictures above that we hit Assistens Cemetery. Shortly after that visit, Jeremy was robbed on the 5A. Thankfully he noticed immediately & got his wallet back. Emily and I stood dumbstruck on the bus watching an awkward, give-me-my-money-back gestures to two women wearing headscarves. He got it back, so he has no reason this Christmas to skimp on anyone’s gifts!

    The last photo in this set above was by accident. I didn’t realize I only captured “bye” of the huge title. I guess it’s a reminder that you always have to end up saying goodbye, even after borrowed time. Emily’s visit was swell - and soon my friend Aris will be here from the states too! Good things are coming.


  10. November 6, 2013

    Winter came this morning. Something about how the air smells, I feel like you just know it’s time. This morning my bike ride smelled like Manistee, Michigan in the dead of December. Paved roads, gray sky, and everything smells cold.

    In Chicago and Bloomington, I don’t spend much time outdoors during the colder months. We huddle together with tea and music and hide until the sun comes back in the spring. But here in Denmark, biking in the winter has forced me to spend exorbitant amounts of time outdoors. In the cold.

    I have a new appreciation for the narrow bodies of water by my apartment. Today and yesterday I’ve been biking like mad through the cold. My reasoning for this winter biking is that I’d rather be pumping my legs in the cold and getting there a bit faster than standing still and waiting for a bus in the cold. Due to my increased outdoor activity, I’ve started taking new paths. My favorite route is a narrow bike path near “the lakes.”

    The Danes really treasure these tiny retention ponds. In the summertime they sort of smell and there are lots of bugs around them and trash floating in them. I wasn’t impressed last August. 

    Now it’s November, and the cold mornings brings bundled runners and feeding swans. This morning, the first morning of winter to me, the lakes offered a certain type of beauty.